Aged Leaf Mold Compost

Finely screened compost. Adds valuable nutrients to flower beds, vegetable gardens and any potted plants. Easily spreads and is beneficial for topdressing any type of turf.


Our Aged Leaf Mold Compost  is a premium organic product that can be used to be used for loosening up heavy soils, for improving moisture conservation, for improving drainage, for increasing the organic matter content of soils and for creating a favorable growing environment for helpful beneficial microbes.

Common uses include amending or incorporating into existing soils to the soil structure and other soil quality measures that will lead to better plant performance.

Another popular use of our compost is as a lawn topdressing. For best results, perform a core aeration during an active grass growing season and then topdress with a 1/2-3/4 inch layer of Leaf Mold Compost.


1 cubic foot bag of this compost will cover

24sq.ft. @ .5” depth
18sq.ft. @ .75” depth
12sq.ft. @ 1” depth
6  sq.ft. @ 2” depth
4.5 sq.ft. @ 3” depth
3  sq.ft.  @ 4” depth
2.25 sq.ft @ 6” depth




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