Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix 8QT

This soil blend has been formulated with high quality ingredients crafted, cured and blended to offer an ideal growing medium for a wide variety of cactus & succulent plants.


Our Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix is a soil that has been custom crafted to suit the needs of a wide variety of cactus & succulent plants growing in pots and/or in raised beds.


Use a high quality organic fertilizer such as the original Microlife 6-2-4  at the rate of 2 tbsp.s per square foot of soil area as needed

Ingredients: Leaf mold compost, cured coco coir, perlite, composted native mulch, composted soil fines, expanded shale, basalt sand, granite sand, torpedo sand, vermicompost and mycorrhizal fungi.





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