Composted Hardwood Mulch

Helps control weeds, conserves soil moisture, prevents soil erosion, all natural & organic, recycled ingredients.


Our Composted Hardwood Mulch is an organic premium mulch made from whole recycled hardwood trees. Whole trees make better quality mulch than just the bark (i.e. bark mulches).

This composted mulch goes through multiple pasteurizing heat cycles to keep potential weed seeds, pathogens and pests at bay.

The composting process also improves the quality and color of the end product, which has a nice chocolate brown look to it.

Mulching Rates

Use a 1-1.5” layer for seasonal color and groundcovers Use a 2.5-3” layer for most landscape beds.

Use a 3-4” layer for tree plantings, but please avoid creating mulch volcano rings that trap water near tree trunks. Mulch applications should always slip down as they extend outward from tree trunks so excess water can be shed.

Use a 6” plus layer for mulch paths.


2 cubic foot bag of this mulch will cover:

24sq.ft. @ 1” depth
12sq.ft. @ 2” depth
8sq.ft. @ 3” depth
6sq.ft.  @ 4” depth
4sq.ft @ 6” depth


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Composted Hardwood Mulch