Premium Blend Expanded Shale and Compost

Our Expanded Shale and Compost is fully organic material. Helps improve drainage in clay type soils for all types of plantings. Retains ground moisture well in sandy type soils and during times of drought.


Our Expanded Shale and Compost is a premium organic product that can be used for loosening up heavy soils, for improving moisture conservation, for improving drainage, for increasing the organic matter and well draining mineral content of existing soils and for creating a favorable growing environment for helpful beneficial microbes.

The most popular use of this product is for amending or incorporating into existing soils to improve the soil structure and other soil quality measures that will lead to better plant performance.


1 cubic foot bag of this compost will cover:

24sq.ft. @ .5” depth
18sq.ft. @ .75” depth
12sq.ft. @ 1” depth
6  sq.ft. @ 2” depth
4.5 sq.ft. @ 3” depth
3  sq.ft.  @ 4” depth
2.25 sq.ft @ 6” depth


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Premium Blend Expanded Shale and Compost