Fruit, Berry & Citrus Mix

This custom soil mix has been specially formulated to grow a wide variety of fruiting plants such as avocados, citrus, berries, pomegranates and much more in raised beds and large containers.

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Our Fruit, Berry & Citrus Mix is ideal for building raised beds for a wide variety of fruiting plants including apples, pears, avocados, citrus, berries, pomegranates, stone fruit varieties such as peaches, tropical fruits and many more. For best results, plant new fruiting plants in a raised bed made with our Fruit, Berry & Citrus Mix.


First the first year, foliage feed by spraying the underside of the leaves (also drench the root zone) with a non-nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer high in potassium and micronutrients like Microlife’s Super Seaweed at label rates. At the beginning of the second spring in the ground, fertilize with an organic fertilizer such as Microlife Ultimate or an equivalent 8-4-6 fertilizer at the initial rate of 4-5 lb.s per 100 sq.ft. feet of raised bed area. Continue fertilizing at the same rate at the beginning of each subsequent spring season.


1 cubic foot bag of this soil will cover

12sq.ft. @ 1” depth
6  sq.ft. @ 2” depth
4.5 sq.ft. @ 3” depth
3  sq.ft.  @ 4” depth
2.25 sq.ft @ 6” depth
1.5 sq.ft. @ 8” depth
1 sq.ft. @ 12” depth

Maintain a 2.5-3” layer of Heirloom Soils Composted Hardwood Mulch year-round.

Ingredients: Leaf mold compost, aged pine bark, expanded shale, fungal compost, composted soil fines, cured coco coir, torpedo sand, granite sand and a mycorrhizal (fungi) inoculant.

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  1. Susan V.

    I used the new citrus soil from Heirloom Soils to transplant my orange tree. The leaves on the tree were almost completely yellow, but within 2 days, it was already greening back up and starting to thrive!!

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Fruit, Berry & Citrus Mix