Landscape Bed Mix

Our Landscape Bed Mix has been formulated to work well as a base soil for creating new landscape beds and repairing existing ones. This mix is ideal for standard landscape shrubs, trees and groundcovers.


Our Landscape Bed Mix is well suited for building raised beds for a wide variety of ornamental landscape plants such as groundcovers, shrubs, trees and vines. For best results, plant in raised beds.


Fertilize each spring and fall with a well balanced organic fertilizer such as Microlife 6-2-4 at the rate of 2-3 lb.s per 100 sq.ft or


Maintain a 2.5-3” layer of Heirloom Soils Composted Hardwood Mulch year-round.

1 cubic foot bag of this soil will cover

12sq.ft. @ 1” depth
6  sq.ft. @ 2” depth
4.5 sq.ft. @ 3” depth
3  sq.ft.  @ 4” depth
2.25 sq.ft @ 6” depth
1.5 sq.ft. @ 8” depth
1 sq.ft. @ 12” depth

Ingredients: Forest humus, composted soil fines and washed sand.



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Landscape Bed Mix