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Best Premium Organic Blends Delivered To You

  • Time Saving Applications

    Long Lasting and easy to spread

  • Weed Protection

    Reduces weed development

  • Moisture Retention

    Helps retain ground mosisture for your plants and soil

  • Nature Based Products

    Manufactured using organic materials

  • Result Driven Blends

    Our blends provides the perfect balance

  • Plant With Confidence

    Perfect for both Container and in Ground Plantings

  • Healthy Plants & Soil

    Adds valuable nutrients

  • Enhance Clay Soil

    Improves drainage in clay type soils

  • Improves Sandy Soil

    Retains ground moisture in sandy type soils

Consider Texas Soils

In Texas, our heavy, sticky clay soil is basically deficient in two things – air and organic matter, and need to be amended before you plant a new bed. Plant roots don’t get enough naturally occurring oxygen in clay soils, so in raised beds, compost and other amendments improve soil quality. Aged leaf mold compost and expanded shale are the best soil amendments to add to our Texas soils to ensure success in your garden beds. Texas soils tend to retain water, which is good for dry summers, but can literally drown plants in the Spring or Fall rains. Properly preparing the planting bed will allow the roots of your new plants to quickly grow throughout the area.

Heirloom Soil Products

  • Hardwood Brown Mulch
  • Hardwood Black Mulch
  • Hardwood Red Mulch
  • Leaf Mold Compost
  • Bagged Aggregates
  • Bagged Soils

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